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Work out to go...stay home

I love yoga, all types, centergy, and other forms of equipment free (or minimal equipment) work outs. This has been a fairly easy transition from the gym to home, because of the high quality classes available online to do at home these days. Bonus, it's easy to fit exercise into your day when you are already in the right clothes! I've had this one on repeat lately.

These Lululemon 7/8 Hit it Tights (leggings) in hero blue are one of my faves. The perfect combination of luxtreme with mesh cutouts in the back, the high (but not too high) rise waistband make for a comfortable and stylish lounge look, or for any type of exercise.

Initially, I was a little nervous about the bright blue, but obviously I purchased them pre-loved and thrifting necessitates being flexible about some details. The blue is fantastic for a few reasons.

I find it's a very flattering colour on my skin tone, and it goes with both lighter colours (white, salmon, peach, light pink, light purple, yellow) and darker colours (black, indigo, olive, camo print, grey shades, sport grey) as well as all other shades of blue both lighter and darker.

These pants were purchased for $28.00 from a local consignment and resale shop called 'Style Encore'. These shops are independently owned, but part of a larger chain. I like this store, and find the prices to be quite competetive for pre-loved clothing stores.

I like to buy Lululemon from consignment shops because usually they will have a larger selection than the thrift stores, and also have them in their own section. Pieces will be newer release and high quality with any flaws noted on the tags and reflected in the price. To me, this is worth the extra cost. Plus, the stuff is ridiculously expensive new, and it's always in high demand so high resale prices are understandable.

I find good quality, newer release Lululemon pieces to be pretty rare at the actual thrift shops. Often pieces are verrry old and show their age with pilling, holes, loose seams, stains, and sometimes strange smells (yuck!). To boot, they are usually hilariously overpriced.

I have definetly made a few great scores, some black wunder unders in great condition for $9.00, a variety of tanks which have averaged around $13.99 and a couple of long sleeves. However I find the best value in Lululemon at the thrift shops to be when buying shorts.

Models like the speed shorts are made of fabric that is a little tougher and typically doesnt pill so the chances of finding them in good condition are higher.

I have purchased a few pairs at the thrift with an average price of $14.99. High prices for a thrift shop, but worth it when you consider the prices of Lululemon at the store.

Of course, none of this stops me from always doing a check through the athletic section of the store, 'cause you never know what you will find. ** happy sigh **

My top is also Lululemon, a tank that was a gift from a friend. It's great for layering because of the open back.

The strappy pattern sports bra underneath is also thrifted, found at the Salvation army for $2.99 in brand new without tags condition. I love the peachy salmon colour of the straps. It looks unexpectedly fantastic with almost every colour.

The New Balance fuel core coast sneakers were one of my favorite finds. Among the dirty old sketchers these pristine like-new sneaks were just waiting for me! $5.99, my size, literally never worn, soles were even spotless.

For some reason they were missing the insoles, but that's ok because I always swap mine around anyways for comfort. I slipped some relatively unworn Nike ones from another pair of shoes at home and voila.

They feel like wearing slippers made of clouds! They are definitely my 'out and about' shoes, not for any real athletics, but great for basketball with the kids in the driveway and running errands. Pretty typical day for me these days. Oh and work... yes, work... oh and squeezing work and the kids schooling in somewhere.

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