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Thanks, I thrifted it!

Updated: May 11, 2020

I think that most thrifters would agree: it's an ultimate rush when someone compliments a piece of clothing that you purchased from a thrift shop. "Wow, I love your sweater", "thanks I thrifted it...FOR $3.99!!!!" It's explodes out of you, and paints the most excited-happy face across your head. This is the thrift-life. Not everyone will understand. But that's ok, actually, that's what makes it special. Obviously, I love thrifting, it is my source of relaxation, self-care, 'me' time, and bonus - it's easy on the wallet, the environment, and builds my closet. But, realistically it's not for everyone, and there are sometimes when I just respond with 'thanks' and leave out the part that I thrifted it, depending on the company.

There are many people for whom thrift stores, or the buying of 'used' stuff is 'not their cup of tea'. Their reasons are both understandable, and personal. I know that it's certainly not my place to push thrifting on anyone. So please, know that this blog is not intended to be a 'brag board' of items and prices, neither should it push a 'you should be thrifting, too' agenda. It is a place to share a common passion for thrifting and my thrift store outfits! I will be transparent with my experiences, good and bad, and offer my best advice from it. In turn, I would love to hear all about your best tips and thriftscores in the comments below!

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