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Thrifting through COVID-19

Updated: May 16, 2020

85% of my wardrobe has been obtained through sustainable fashion choices such as thrift stores, consignment stores, and other platforms such as Facebook marketplace. Going to the thrift store and cruising through the aisles is not just a way for me to shop, but it's my favourite way to unwind- my 'self-care' time. It just works out incredibly well that the shopping I do during this time helps my family build their wardrobe, and fills our house with necessities in a budget AND environmentally friendly way. Since COVID-19 the thrift stores have shut their doors. Some of my favorite local consignment shops have set up online using Instagram to sell pieces that are paid for by e-transfer and delivered to the doorstep, I have been doing what I can to support, because I want them to survive this. Otherwise, I have turned to Poshmark, a virtual marketplace of pre-loved (and BNWT) clothing and household items to satisfy my itch to thrift. My current lifestyle adjustments had me thinking....leggings. GROUNDBREAKING... I know. Cruising through the Lululemon section on Poshmark is an undertaking. Things go FAST, you need to know your stuff: sizes, styles, lengths, rises, colours, and fabrics. Once you have something in mind you will have to check back multiple times a day, using the filters to show you the latest postings - 'just in', and adjust (uncheck) the 'my size' because chances are the size you are in Lululemon is not the size you entered in your profile size (as that would be your typical 'dress' size for clothing). I recommend careful skepticism of any seller who only uses stock photos to advertise their product. If I was interested, I would ask for a photo of the actual item. Or, move on. Zoom in on photos to check for pilling, loose threads at seams, and stains. I love to see actual measurements about rise, length, and waistband. Lululemon sells a variety of different fabrics which affect fit BIG TIME. If the fabric is not listed, always ask the seller... and even when listed... I like to run my own check against a reputable site such as which will give you stats like issue date, original price, and fabric. This is also a great source to check against counterfeit products. If you can't find it on a website like or in a trustworthy blog post or Pinterest page, then be weary. There is tons of counterfeit Lululemon floating around the reseller market. Once you have a few authentic pieces in your closet you will notice that the stitching is a great assessment tool to check against counterfeit products.

I supported a new posher by making a first purchase from their closet when I ordered these Lululemon Wunder Under leggings a week ago. I couldn't be happier with them! Since the posher had not included photos of the size dot (best way to verify authenticity), I requested some. Notice I didn't ask for the tag? Tags are not a great way to verify authenticity in Lululemon products. The tags are meant to be torn out, so typically products have no tags. Also, most counterfeit Lululemon products will have a tag which may look fairly similar to an original tag, or remarkably different (there's always a huge range). Since I was making the first purchase from this new posher's closet I scored a discounted $8.99 shipping rate! The item was shipped out the following morning and it had been nicely packed with tissue. After I opened, examined, and tried on my new pants I quickly accepted my order via the Poshmark app and left the seller five stars and a short optional comment. I usually like to comment on things other people would benefit from knowing about a seller: response time (to questions, offers, counteroffers), shipping, and product condition. I love the retro vibe of these leggings with their high rise, matte finish, and complementary colour-blocking. I plan to wear them for yoga, lounging, running errands, and eventually...thrifting! This was not my first Poshmark purchase, as I've been using the app since it's Canadian launch last year, but it is my first blog post, so that's why I thought I would share some thoughts. Happy thrifting!

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