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Found: summer uniform

Updated: May 21, 2020

Found: my summer uniform! Poshmark has been my clear thrifting replacement...and I've had packages arriving weekly. It's such a delight to look forward to! This Sundry top was a great score for $13 and came in BNWT condition! It is a light seafoam green with the words 'Hola' and 'adios' scripted on the front and back, respectively. I LOVE the slouchy, relaxed fit.

These shorts are One Teaspoon outlaws and came with the $118 price tag still attached. Mine for $35. They are a perfect worn-in wash, the soooooftest form of denim (like butter!), and hide my saddlebags. Of course both items were bundles, so I saved on shipping (separate sellers). Ignore my transparent legs. If I can ever go outside without a parka I might be able to take this look out for a test -walk? But until then I can wear it to clean the house. 🥂

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